My Spellbooks of the Prophecy Deck

28. Oktober 2012 November 10th, 2012

Monter Cards -18
Spellbook Magician of Prophecy x3
Hermit of Prophecy x2
Strength of Prophecy x3
Justice of Prophecy x1
Hanged Man of Prophecy x2
High Priestess of Prophecy x3
Amores of Prophecy x2
Temperance of Prophecy x3

Spell Cards - 19
Book of Moon x1
Dark Hole x1
Heavy Storm x1
La Maison the Spellbook Tower x2
Spellbook of Alma x2
Spellbook of Goethe x2
Spellbook of Life x2
Spellbook of Power x3
Spellbook of Secrets x3
Spellbook of Wisdom x2

Trap Cards - 2
Magic Cylinder x1
Mirror Force x1

Extra-Deck: 9
Alchemic Magician x2
Hierophant of Prophecy x3
Shining Elf x2
Empress of Prophecy x2

Source: DuelingNetwork Forum

Verfasst von Mihabo Written by: Mihabo
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