Heroic Deck (September)

November 23th, 2012 November 23th, 2012

Monsters 17:
X3:Heroic Challenger Double Lance
X3:Heroic Challenger Extra Sword
X3:Heroic Challenger Kandelarr the Night Ambush
X3:Heroic Challenger Spartas
X3:Heroic Challenger Shield Sword
X3:Heroic Challenger War Hammer

Spells 13:
X3:Heroic Chance
X1:Dark Hole
X1:Monster Reborn
X1:Mystical Space Typhoon (Or Nightbeam)
X1:Mind Control
X1:Reinforcement of the Army
X1:Shield and Sword

Traps 10:
X1:Mirror Force
X2:Heroic Challenge Sword
X2:Heroic Advance
X2:Bottomless Trap Hole
X2:Ultimate Offering
X1:Call Of The Haunted

Extra Deck:
X3: Heroic Champion-Excalibur
X2: Heroic Champoin-Gandiva
X2: Heroic Champion-Kusanagi
X1: Number 39-Utopia
X1: Number C39-Utopia Ray
X3: Blade Armor Ninja
X1: One-eyed Skill gainer
X1: Gagaga Gunman
X1: Photon Papilloperative

Side Deck:
X1: Heroic Gift
X1:Heroic Revenge Sword
X2: Mystical Space Typhoon
X1:Heavy Storm
X3:Night Beam
X3: Dimensional Prison
X1: Elemental Hero Stratos
X1: Big Shield Gardna

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